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Drone Racing Clubs Are The Newest Teenage Craze

Drone Racing Club

Many of us look back on school “clubs” with a sense of awkwardness and embarrassment. While some kids were born for things like Spanish Club or Speech Club, many of us never felt particularly inspired to join these kinds of extracurriculars. But in a brave new world of technological possibility, it’s no wonder that schools are evolving with the times and demands of an increasingly tech-dependent society.

This has, in turn, led to some pretty exciting new clubs. Robotics clubs have seen a huge uptick in popularity over the past five years, and with them has grown the desire to compete against neighboring schools in a brain-against-brain clash of metal and might.

So what’s next in the world of competitive technological clubs? Well, drone racing clubs, of course!

Schools have been raising grant money in states across the country to develop drone racing programs in order to keep up with the trend and offer more means of friendly competition within their students.

These programs, designed as extracurriculars, are meant for more than the thrill of teens racing tiny drones against each other. In fact, the main goal for many is to offer students hands-on experience with drones in order to help them develop the skills needed to fly drones as a potential career.

While the drones flown in school competitions are much slower than the 179 mph drones flown in professional racing leagues, supporters of these new school programs hope that access to aerial technology will help students get acquainted with drone technology that will only become more prevalent in the future.


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