According to recent legend, something odd happens every night in Eastern Colorado that would raise the warning flags of any red blooded American.

Over the skies of Phillips and Yuma counties, between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m., a fleet of drones with no pilots fly a mysterious pattern across the evening sky. All 17 drones, thought to have a wing-span of at least six feet, fly for over 20 miles according to eye-witnesses, causing confusion, panic, and concern the longer they go about their confounding maneuvers.

Then…they vanish.

After a month of on-again-off-again night flights, no one has stepped forward and claim responsibility for the masterless UAVs. Both the FAA and the Army claim to have no knowledge of the or responsibility for the fleet, and after determining that nothing illegal was happening, the police urged the public to simply leave them alone. Even the Department of Public Safety got involved once an investigation took place, and after, they ensured Coloradans that no suspicious activity was going on.  

Unfortunately, that insurance did little good.

Conspiracy theories were quick to develop in the western state, and soon members of the populace were convinced secret military bases were performing some sort of ritual. Reddit was next to get involved, and then, well, aliens of course!So, what’s the real story? The truth is, the drones never existed.

Investigators were able to go back through reports of the rogue drones and determined that 13 were either planets, stars, or a few hobbyist drones instead of a fleet of massive commercial drones. Of the remaining reports, more than five were regular commercial aircraft, leaving four reports “unconfirmed.”

Of the 80+ reports of nefarious aerial behavior, none confirmed illegal drone activity. They were just some planes, stars, helicopters, and a few regular UAVs. The entire incident is a good litmus test for how slow society has been to accept the speed of drone use in the commercial, racing, and hobbyist sectors.

Hopefully, all the populus needs is time to adjust to the new status quo in order to have a little more fun and a little less hysteria. Until then, drones will likely continue to be suspected of spooky deeds by those who’d rather be dumbfounded than informed.

C’est la vie!


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