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Police Force in Sacramento Utilizing “Cutting Edge” Micro-Drones

Sacramento is the first police department in the country to use micro-drones for indoor use in efforts to reduce the level of risk during conflicts. The drones, fully equipped with camera, are able to give police officers a view of a crime scene in real-time, and have already saved a suspect’s life during a hostage situation.  The drone was able to locate the suspect after there had already been hostage negotiators on site for over 24 hours.

According to Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn in a recent ABC 10 article,

“It’s a big deal. That’s why we are good with putting information out about it … I think it’s important for this community to know that this technology is now soon going to be out in our patrol force to keep them safe and our officers safe. When we’re in close proximity, and I think you’re going to kill me, I don’t have a lot of options. But when there is a piece of equipment that’s there instead of me there are a lot of options.”

This technology is great news for increasing safety levels in dangerous situations, and its been confirmed that the drones will NOT be used to surveil Sacramento residents (a concern that always rises with drones – especially if they are small enough to fly through cracked windows).

Officers can use the drones to view real-time footage through goggles as the drone flies to the scene, and considered a gamechanger at only $90 a piece. Police forces across the country can buy up a dozen or so, depending on their scope, and be fully equipped to know exactly what’s going on in every crime scene.





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