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How Many Public Safety Pros Are Already Using Drones?

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Earlier this year, GoldmanSachs launched a comprehensive drone industry analysis highlighting where drone services will generate the most technological and economical changes throughout the world. From commercial opportunity growth to newly budding sectors for aerial service potential, the report offers a high-level look at where the UAV industry will be heading in the next decade. One of the most important parts of the analysis revolved around public safety.

In firefighting and police alone, GoldmanSachs predicts drone services to generate $1.7 billion in the coming years. Throw in search and rescue teams, hazmat operations, state and national park services, and drone work in public safety seems to be at the verge of a boom. This is in part due to the current number of public safety drone operators in America vs the potential for use in the near-future.

According to a survey published by the International Wireless Communications Expo, only 30% of public safety officials are using drones in their operations today. Comparatively, drone use across rural, energy, delivery, survey, mapping, and more only averaged a use of 18.4%.

These numbers are interesting because public safety seems to be adopting drone services at a faster rate than the industries with higher monetary projections for drone work. For example, the market for drone use in agriculture is set to grow to $4.8 billion by 2024.

So, what do these numbers tell us?

First, the potential for drone growth in every industry is enormous. With the higher rates of aerial use averaging 18%, experts believe the 2020s will be the definitive decade of drone implementation and monetary projection into the modern era.

Second, they tell us that public safety officials are seeing the advantages at a faster pace than other industries. This is due to growing acceptance for drones as a force for lifesaving in search and rescue, traffic flow, police investigations, and firefighting.

With the financial figures aligning next to the practicality of adopting safer, faster aerial applications to public safety operations, it’ll only be a matter of time before safety officials begin their rebrand as your friendly neighborhood flyer-man.

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