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This State Just Approved All Drone Operations In The Public Sector

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Drones offer the safety, speed, and efficiency necessary to save money, time, and lives in the public sector, so why are only 30% of public safety officials using drones?

The answer, as with any new and disruptive industry, is in regulations. Because of the widespread suspicion of aerial technology, many state and local authorities have side-stepped the FAA to enforce their own drone laws to stem the growth and implementation of technology they don’t understand. But one state is taking the aerial opportunity by the horns and actively working to ensure drone technology gets into the hands of those who need it most – emergency responders.

This week, the state of Utah signed an addendum that opens the door for all state agencies to purchase complete drone services. This means that the state has officially granted permission for emergency responders, law enforcement, and all other public officials to incorporate drone solutions into their existing practices.

The addendum is the first of its kind in the US, and drone service providers are hoping more states follow Utah’s lead and provide blanket authorization for public drone use.

For instance, in North Dakota, one of the few states in the nation with a federally approved center for testing drone technology, the North Dakota Department of Transportation uses drone technology state-wide to identify potential flooding areas before they become overwhelmed. And in Ohio, drones are used to monitor traffic and incident responses across the state in order to better response time and direct police to congested areas.

While the FAA maintains all legal regulations for drone flight, it would seem that states are finally beginning to deregulate themselves in order to provide the public with the safest and smartest technology on the market. If the trend continues, you may just start seeing drones saving lives in your neighborhood as well. 

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