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How Drones Are Adapting To The Coronavirus

Corona Virus Drone

The CDC warned us in January, but the American government didn’t listen.

Now, like many across Asia and Europe, Americans are beginning to see the drastic effects of the coronavirus as a full-blown pandemic. From panic-buying toilet paper to panic-selling stocks, the virus has changed American life for the foreseeable future.

As of today, there are 16,491 confirmed cases of coronavirus in America, and public officials are moving quickly to try and “flatten the curve” with government issued quarantines and restaurant shutdowns.

But while some Americans remain skeptical of the potential harm this virus can cause, recent drone footage has surfaced to paint a bleak picture of how this virus is affecting cities with larger populations.

In this footage from Boston Globe photographer Aram Boghosian, we get an inside look into how pandemic restrictions have turned a usually bustling metropolis into a ghost town.

For Americans on the fence about social distancing, a perspective like this helps clarify the reality of our current situation.

But it’s not all gloom and post-apocalyptic doom from the world of drone insights.

Just check out this example of how a man in Israel is walking is down during quarantine — with his drone!

While this is a cute and humanizing example of how drones are innovating things as simple as dog walks, it’s important to keep our eyes on the prize and focus on what drones are doing to actively combat the coronavirus in order to pluck us out of this mess and back into the world as we knew it.

First and foremost, Medtech companies are using drones in China to telecommunicate medical testing and patient visits to keep those with possible coronavirus from coming into hospitals that are already at capacity. This way, doctors can communicate with patients directly without them needing to come in to be seen.

But that’s only the beginning. Drones are also being used to deliver food and necessary medical supplies to quarantine patients across China. While some may view the practice as overboard, it’s important to note that while the virus originated in China, they are the only country using drones to widely combat its effects. And it’s working.

They’re also using drones to sanitize contaminated areas. Thanks to drones provided by a Danish company, China’s drone sanitization practices are virtually eliminating all risk to cleaning personnel in hospitals. Experts expect the newly automated practice to save thousands of lives.

During this infectious crisis, drones are providing the perspectives and answers needed to combat the spread of COVID 19 and get us back to business as usual. But after seeing what drones can do, even in a pandemic, maybe businesses will remain changed after all — this time for the better.   

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