The United States has the largest coronavirus outbreak in the entire world. With confirmed cases nearing 400,000 and counting, the economy, government and private sector are all scrambling to try and get a foothold to stabilize the nation and halt the spread of his increasingly volatile and deadly crisis.

But despite the unprecedented situation and a rising death toll, many major US companies are choosing to delay help in favor of short term profits. While scientists were quick to outline plans of action that would help flatten the contagion curve, many employers are instead squabbling over whether or not they should provide necessities like paid sick leave, worker protection and ventilator production for American workers.

While the virus continues to proliferate and the US government continues to delay federal support, it’s all the more important for American companies to do their part and help save lives.

Luckily, some companies are stepping up with food bank support, sanitizer production, and more. But when it comes to using technology to combat the coronavirus, this US company is helping public safety officials with the power of drone technology.

By mobilizing their entire drone training and equipment procurement divisions, Suntuity AirWorks, a nationwide UAV company, is offering free drone training for public safety officials in order to immediately teach them how to use drones in order to fight back against the pandemic.

Drones were immediately deployed in Asian and European countries to great success, but the US lags behind when it comes to the use of drones by public safety officials. That’s why Suntuity AirWorks is moving quickly to bring police, healthcare workers, firefighters, and other emergency personnel up to speed on how drones can be used to sanitize, monitor crowd temperatures, and deliver crucial medical supplies to those in need.

The free training will be provided via virtual webcasts provided by the company’s UAV support team. Over the course of the next few weeks, Suntuity AirWorks will deploy webcasts covering specific drone use in the public sector, how to stream drone footage for live-scenarios, and more.

In an age where data is the new oil, the thermal, mapping, and monitoring data drones provide, in addition to aerial delivery potential, is expected to save thousands of lives during the coronavirus pandemic. In the era of social distancing, experts are predicting that drones may be the solution to both the economic and scientific woes currently plaguing America.

The time has come for US companies to step up and do their part to save American lives. Thankfully, at least one drone business is a step ahead of the curve.

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