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Drones With Loudspeakers Are Helping Police Keep Their Social Distance

It’s a difficult time to be a police officer in America. The legal line between a stay at home order in one state and a suggested quarantine in another is hard enough to navigate during the coronavirus pandemic, the recent reopening of Florida beaches (despite health experts warning against it) have generated both relief and discontent from the public.

The potential for reigniting the COVID-19 powderkeg has put Florida police officers in an even tougher position. Should officers respond to calls reporting groups of people not social distancing? The results could be disastrous if they don’t, but if they do, they’ll be putting their own health at risk by directly interacting with potential carriers in high-risk situations.

Thankfully, officers in Daytona Beach, Florida have come up with a unique solution.

Armed with drones outfitted with speakers, the department is flying over large groups and requesting they leave public areas. So far, the service is working.

The Daytona Beach police are using a fleet of Mavic 2 Enterprise drones to adequately cover and patrol the large stretches of public beaches found nearby. For public areas like this, drones are crucial for providing police both the data to monitor the crowds as well as the ability to interact with them via the speaker system. 

The department is also using drones to scan body temperatures using infrared cameras. The drone thermal camera market is exploding right now as health officials scramble to determine fevers for coronavirus carriers before they know they’re sick.

As the fight against the pandemic strengthens, public safety departments are progressively using drones to work smarter and safer for their communities. Daytona Beach wasn’t the first city to use drones to help their police force, and they undoubtedly won’t be the last.

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