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Saving Lives From The Skies

When it comes to health emergencies, time is everything. An EMS delayed by a few minutes can be the difference between life and death for a struggling citizen, and oftentimes, it is.

According to the American Heart Association, someone experiencing cardiac arrest only has a few minutes before they’re gone for good. The condition is so bad that, out of the 356,000 cardiac arrests that happen each year in America, 90% of them are fatal.

That’s because, if you haven’t received help within 9 minutes of a cardiac arrest, your brain function begins to fail. By the 10th minute, you’re no longer salvageable.

So what can we do to improve these numbers to ensure almost half-a-million Americans can  have better than a 10% chance of surviving one of the most fatal heart conditions?

Well, we can work smarter, faster, and safer with the help of drone deliveries.

Drone deliveries as a whole have taken a back seat to inspections in the aerial industry, but when it comes to delivering defibrillators, drones in Sweden are proving that they can dramatically change the outcome of heart conditions across the nordic country.

The Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are to be deployed by health officials to the scene of cardiac arrests. From there, bystanders can follow clear-cut directions to use the defibrillator and potentially save the life of the suffering Swede.

To learn more about the company, the technology, and the defibrillators, click here.

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