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This Major Company Has Partnered With DJI To Bring Drones Into The Oil Industry

With the release of DJI’s new Matrice 300 RTK, enterprise level drone operations rose to a new level.

Thanks to state-of-the-art thermal, zoom, and inspection capabilities all built into the same custom-made Zenmuse H20 camera, DJI’s goal for the M300 RTK was to make the transition to drone operations for larger, industrial-sized operations easier to make than ever before.

Apparently, they achieved their goal.

Thanks to a new partnership with Shell, DJI’s M300 RTK is set to revolutionize the oil industry on a massive scale. Armed with their new Drone Aerial Response Team (D.A.R.T.), the company is now using the M300 RTK exclusively for flare stack inspections, operational examinations, thermal imaging, and more.

Due to the hazardous environments found at many oil refineries, the Shell team has decided to double-down on safety and maintenance in order to ensure their employees and processes can work with the peace of mind regular drone inspections provide. This is thanks to the M300 RTK’s ability to pinpoint areas of eroding steal, methane leaks, and tank inspections without putting a single employee in harm’s way.

In a world an industry as volatile as oil production, it’ll be a welcome change to workers and employers everywhere.

To learn more about Shell’s transition to the aerial age, click here

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