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Today’s Drones Can Now See Beneath The Earth’s Surface

So far in the lifespan of drone technology, aerial services have been reserved for public safety uses, infrastructure inspection, and crop health analysis. But like any evolving industry, this disruptive technology has grown over the past few years to even greater heights.

This is due to the unique advantages drone technology brings to the table. By combining state-of-the art inspection cameras with autonomous drone flight capabilities, companies can now see any and every detail of their facilities, products, infrastructure, and more.

With Oil & Gas services on the horizon and thermal and sonic capabilities already a mainstay, the next step in the growth of the drone industry is interestingly one that requires inspection beyond gas detection and thermal signatures — this time, it’s all about what’s underneath the surface.

Thanks to researchers at the University of Hong Kong, laser-equipped drones can now successfully identify fossils, gemstones, and more precious metals underneath Earth’s surface.

Unlike other drone operations, this new application requires the drone to fly as low as 13 feet above the ground. From there, the new technology utilizes laser-stimulated fluorescence contrasted with a DSLR on the surface to pinpoint materials in minutes that would take excavators days to uncover.

To learn more about the new application, click here.

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