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State Police Drone Task Force Mobilized To Save Lost Dog

Given everything that’s happened to America in 2020, when you think of the police, what comes to mind?

To some, it is the idea of brave defenders on the frontlines of justice. To others, it is an image of bullies using excessive force against minorities. That juxtaposition has never been more potent than it is today as protestors and law enforcement continue to clash across the country, but the truth is that most police work occurs outside of the national spotlight.

Everyday law enforcement activity is overwhelmingly uneventful and by the numbers. Police are most often busied with accident investigation, answering run-of-the-mill community calls, and providing general law services to the public rather than marching through streets or clashing with reporters.

This is the area where we’ve found drones have had their most effective uses for police departments across the country. From traffic monitoring to on-scene investigations, law enforcement across the country are beginning to see the benefits of drone use to help communities and police work smarter and more accountable than ever before.

Yet perhaps most importantly, drones are helping police find missing persons. But what happens when the person you’re missing most is a pooch?

That’s what happened recently in Massachusetts when the state police drone unit got a call from the Missing Dogs of Massachusetts asking for their help finding Scout, a 10-year-old Australian Shepard mix who’d been missing for a few days.

The local marsh, where Scout could be heard barking in the distance, was too treacherous to navigate with a search party, so the troopers flew a drone in to pinpoint his location with thermal sensors.

Directed by the team in the air, a state trooper cut his way through the dense vegetation and brought a frightened and tangled Scout home to his family.

When people think of police and drones, they envision Big Brother keeping a watchful eye in the sky. The truth is that drones aren’t keeping tabs on anyone — they’re simply a tool to help police do their everyday jobs. From saving dogs to monitoring local concerts, click here to learn more about how drones are helping police serve their communities. 

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