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The Next Generation Of Drone Cameras Is Here

Drones make surveying and landscape mapping easier and more affordable than ever, but not every industry needing their cost and life saving capabilities has been able to rely upon data captured from the sky. That’s because older drone cameras, while perfect for orthomosaics or photogrammetry, couldn’t produce the level of accuracy needed for land surveyors and construction workers has yet to be produced from a drone’s payload — until now.

Zenmuse has recently announced two new drone cameras that will change the way we survey and model from the sky.

For starters, the Zenmuse P1 is designed to bring photogrammetry missions up a notch with a robust, high-sensitivity sensor that boosts capture efficiency while simultaneously generating both 2D and 3D models. This 40 megapixel camera can be outfitted with a variety of lenses, comes with a capture system at a GSD of 3cm, and comes with a 3-axis gimbal specifically designed with 3D modeling in mind.

But if true color point clouds and laser light sensors that can capture data 240,000 points per second, then the Zenmuse L1 is the camera for you.

With a 1 inch RGB sensor, weather resistant framing and the ability to cross IMU and GNSS data with POS calculations, it’s taking surveying technology to greater figurative (and literal) heights than were ever thought possible in the world of drones. 

If you’re inspecting landscapes for damage or producing 3D maps of your facilities, you’re likely familiar with drone mapping and surveying technology. With the introduction of the Z1 and L1 lines from Zenmuse, you can now dive deeper into your data with improved accuracy, functions, and performance metrics to save even more time and money than ever before.

To learn more about Zenmuse’s new cameras, click here. 

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