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This New Drone Manufacturer Is Poised To Take On DJI

DJI’s market share is dropping.

The drone manufacturing behemoth once held upwards of 82% of the drone making market, but that number has dropped annually to the point where the single biggest drone manufacturer in the world is now only floating around 67% of total market share.

But let’s not mince words — DJI is still the biggest name in drone manufacturing. They’re just no longer the only name in drone manufacturing.

That’s mostly due to the drone service industry ballooning in expected revenue in the coming decade, with economists predicting the industry to be worth $63.6 billion by 2025.

To capitalize on the opportunity, a new company called Skydio released its first drone in 2017. The second generation, known as the X2, came out in 2020 as their first real enterprise level drone, and that’s around the time investors started to take notice.

But it wasn’t until DJI was crossed off the DOJ’s service list that Skydio found themselves in a position to work directly with the US government. Today, they’ve been chosen for final deployment with the Army Short Range Reconnaissance Program.

It’s a huge win for what’s now America’s leading drone manufacturing company, and that status has recently been reflected in the company’s $170 million Series D funding.

One of the many reasons for Skydio’s recent success is in their development of autonomous drones. By eliminating the human element from the equation, their drones can be pre-programmed, launched, and landed without a pilot ever needing to step foot outside of the office.

It’s a bold new step for a drone manufacturer to take, but if it continues to pay off, Skydio will be well positioned to shrink DJI’s market share even further.

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