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Samsung Launches New Drone Delivery Program In This Country

This week, Samsung officially announced its new drone delivery program for Irish customers purchasing their Galaxy devices.

The program, made in partnership with Manna Drone Delivery, was created to test out contactless delivery experiences for Samsung customers ordering devices online.

While many other companies are beginning to ramp up their own drone delivery programs, Samsung’s is the first of its kind to provide an end-to-end service for both purchasing and receiving products through their store.

The drones used for their deliveries are made by Manna. They’re set to fly at an altitude of 50-80 meters, and at a speed of over 60 kilometers per hour. The company predicts this speed will ensure deliveries can be completed within 3 minutes.
Currently, the service is only available through Samsung’s Irish eStore, and Oranmore, Ireland will be the first to experience the program first-hand. To learn more about the partnership between Samsung and Manna, click here.


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